I received my LLM Law & Economics in 2014 from Utrecht University. I have written my thesis about the development of skate facilities, the title of my thesis is: "Achieving the best outcome for society in a public procurement process whilst tendering a skatepark. An analysis of legal aspects and best practices."  For my thesis I have researched the laws applying on skateparks, this includes public procurement legislation and safety legislation. One of my findings is that the laws applying on skateparks can only be effective if they benefit society. The outcomes of the public skatepark development process have delivered mixed results in the past years, but by using public procurement legislation in a smart way there is a huge potential for positive outcomes.

I combine my legal background with my skate experience. Because of this I am able to judge quality differences between skate facilities, this includes but is not limited to maintenance, design, durability and safety. I combine the legal possibilities with the desires and needs of skaters. By using this approach it is possible to come up with state of the art skate facilities. 

Also I have been teaching skateboarding to kids for several years. Due to my teaching experience I can understand the desires and use of skate facilities by inexperienced users. I have been involved in several projects in the Netherlands and attented the meeting for redeveloping the European skatepark norm twice. Besides advising on skateparks I am the co-founder of skateboard school Skate Days

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